Live at urban


#liveaturban my thoughts

So, for those recovering, one of the things i find to be most important is security.  Where AM i going to sleep tonight?! The stress of just writing that makes me tighten up…..

Maintaining a safe environment to expand what is working now to safely grow again in desired directions is easiest if the security normalcy is maintained.

Security in a personal routine that can be duplicated is simple (job, etc), its the other parts that can’t be duplicated which need to be FIRST measured in degree of influence, need, reciprocation.

A program of temporariness (nu word?! 😌) with a “home base” of a nu normal environment that is working, moving to a new location,  maintaining a level of comfort zone structure, and security can always come back “home” (healthy stasis), even if they go, “Knowing its permanent”, and fail,  they can always come back to where it WAS working.

That comfort mindset will reduce the need to slip back to where they know they can go….  Jail, a kind of security there, or homeless, a different kind of security there. Giving everyone a nu normal “home” option coming out of a system that works, gives them a choice.


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