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Exercises For A Mind To Use

WARNING: do not read this unless you want to go ahead and change how you think by using someone else’s ideas for form, structure and processing of your thoughts. You do know, once you’ve read something, your mind makes the belief possible. It’s how we are as humans. Interesting. #ReadingNow

“The ‘Do Something’ Mindset (The Power of Practicing More)” @Alltopstartups

Knowing One Another

To know one another is a beautiful thing, yet, knowing someone else can only be done if one knows one’s self. And, as we all know, you may never know yourself really unless you are in relationship with me in the light of true reality.

Perhaps that’s why anarchists, real, true anarchists hang out together and don’t call it government at all.

Together as humans we travel so free living with each other very gracefully. Real connections give freedoms to grow beyond the vision without connection, especially, if the connection is that Real Connection to Creation on earth.

Empower equality of all.


is a book i’d burn
merely for the tale that it turns
into our present moment reality . . .

for no real reason at all except that’s the story everyone’s learned
and no one is creative enough to change the script.

i never read that book, it can be burned without me ever actually having done so.

It’s not about quizzes and listicles — it’s about experimentation

The problem with that is the integrators and translators sometimes miss the point of nonsense and real, and they are the one’s spinning the politicians in their deviant minds! If more politicians were gamers my life would be simpler!


As NYU journalism professor Jay Rosen likes to say, you can tell a lot about people and their views on media based on what they say about BuzzFeed. And one of the things that critics often focus on is how much of the site is devoted to listicles or quizzes or other ephemeral content (as though newspapers don’t devote a lot of their space to similar pursuits, such as sudoku or crossword puzzles, and the comic section).

As a new report published by the Tow Center for Digital Journalism at Columbia University points out, however, there is a serious purpose to much of this game-playing by BuzzFeed that more media companies could learn from. It’s about more than just driving traffic, as some of the site’s critics seem to suggest — it’s about encouraging an atmosphere of experimentation, and then learning from what works.

Gamification of the news

The report…

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Live at urban


#liveaturban my thoughts

So, for those recovering, one of the things i find to be most important is security.  Where AM i going to sleep tonight?! The stress of just writing that makes me tighten up…..

Maintaining a safe environment to expand what is working now to safely grow again in desired directions is easiest if the security normalcy is maintained.

Security in a personal routine that can be duplicated is simple (job, etc), its the other parts that can’t be duplicated which need to be FIRST measured in degree of influence, need, reciprocation.

A program of temporariness (nu word?! 😌) with a “home base” of a nu normal environment that is working, moving to a new location,  maintaining a level of comfort zone structure, and security can always come back “home” (healthy stasis), even if they go, “Knowing its permanent”, and fail,  they can always come back to where it WAS working.

That comfort mindset will reduce the need to slip back to where they know they can go….  Jail, a kind of security there, or homeless, a different kind of security there. Giving everyone a nu normal “home” option coming out of a system that works, gives them a choice.

Obama’s executive order calls for sharing of security data



President Barack Obama signed an executive order on Friday designed to spur businesses and the Federal Government to share with each other information related to cybersecurity, hacking and data breaches for the purpose of safeguarding U.S. infrastructure, economics and citizens from cyber attacks. He signed the order in front of an audience at Stanford University during his keynote address for the White House’s Summit on Cybersecurity and Consumer Protection.

Obama’s speech started off relatively light-hearted with the President pointing out how much technological innovation could be traced back to Silicon Valley and Stanford and even joking that the big webscale companies of [company]Yahoo[/company] and [company]Google[/company] “were pretty good student projects.”

Things took a turn to the dark side, however, with Obama segueing into the devastation that modern-day technology can bring as exemplified by the major data breaches we’ve seen at Sony Pictures Entertainment and insurance provider Anthem.

The new…

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