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It’s a whole new look and format here on the WordPress for my mobile, clearly this is a place of magic. Change can be that dramatic, for some upsetting or frustrating, yet others find change’s rolls and lifts fun exercises for the mind.

If you can’t see how the flip shifted you or everything else, ask a question from someone who has nothing to offer except the truth. Understanding change in the midst of chaos finds unusual friends in random places to build a stable future for the children, of course.


Exercises For A Mind To Use

WARNING: do not read this unless you want to go ahead and change how you think by using someone else’s ideas for form, structure and processing of your thoughts. You do know, once you’ve read something, your mind makes the belief possible. It’s how we are as humans. Interesting. #ReadingNow

“The ‘Do Something’ Mindset (The Power of Practicing More)” @Alltopstartups https://medium.com/the-mission/the-do-something-mindset-the-power-of-practicing-more-883d62a3b2a4

Knowing One Another

To know one another is a beautiful thing, yet, knowing someone else can only be done if one knows one’s self. And, as we all know, you may never know yourself really unless you are in relationship with me in the light of true reality.

Perhaps that’s why anarchists, real, true anarchists hang out together and don’t call it government at all.

Together as humans we travel so free living with each other very gracefully. Real connections give freedoms to grow beyond the vision without connection, especially, if the connection is that Real Connection to Creation on earth.

Empower equality of all.

it matters a lot that you are listened to and by whom.  it is no longer relevant that the words have be spoken, if no one uses the words for their true intention.

Play with the truth all you want, but live the lies and the compromise enables suffering to be justified as a badge of honor enslaving every moment in boredom.

if you are listened to by those who empower you, the echos of self criticism is your’s to adjust for the discipline of self is the only measure of success that can silence the inner noise.