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It’s a whole new look and format here on the WordPress for my mobile, clearly this is a place of magic. Change can be that dramatic, for some upsetting or frustrating, yet others find change’s rolls and lifts fun exercises for the mind.

If you can’t see how the flip shifted you or everything else, ask a question from someone who has nothing to offer except the truth. Understanding change in the midst of chaos finds unusual friends in random places to build a stable future for the children, of course.


the boredom

in thinking
is excruciating

especially when thoughts are expressed
as limitlessly as they are on the internet

so now, we have neverending sharing
of words, images and sounds that
reveal the thoughts of so many people
who really just share the same
stuff we all think about all the time


for it matters not who listens.

the fact that one can and should listen to one’s self is a helpful tool of reflection born from the advent of this amazing thing called the #internetmachine, where my neuro-net and ur neuro-net converge somewhere in a cloud (and its going to be a fuqin cloud cuz i’m still in a ranting kind of mood) and when the fuq does this thing get to u know, playout in real tym?  becuz if its not real, its just not real.  what is real is what you can actually touch and feel in 3D reality and then anything else you decide is real based on ______________ … right!  urINPUTS!  #gigo, right?!

so, to find the “mainstream” i took the random of inputs and rejected the ones i reject in my real world because i cannot and should accept the values of those who have less than mine except to the ways and means to which i consent.  that is how i understand the plan was drawn up for us to be human on this place we call earth.

so based on, for me, the random selection of people and experiences of a digital flow mixed with the ONLY person I KNOW from the day she was born, my daughter’s reality and what she chooses to do in her reality in this collective we make based on all our choices at this same level, conscious or not.

i’m tired and need to go and sit in the sun where its hot!  maybe even naked.  hmmmm, haven’t done that in a while.  maybe some lunch?  pmdlyt first maybe?